Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm in Love.......again

Whiter Image Teeth Whitening Pen
Ok, this thing is the coolest thing EVER! - I know, I ALWAYS say that. But, I do mean it. Each time.

I can't use any teeth whitening strips. My teeth and gums are just too sensitive.
I'm kind of a freak about my teeth. I figure that since my parents spent a lot of money on these choppers, I should take care of them, right? Thanks Mom and Dad :o)

I have to admit that since I use Tom's of Maine Whitening toothpaste (non-fluoride), I don't need that much help, but since taking up coffee three years ago and since my teeth have yet to reach glow-in-the-dark status, it wouldn't hurt to use a whitening product, right? Drooling aside, all of the strips I've tried hurt my teeth and gums (I tried them all) So, I figured I just couldn't use any whitening products. I gave up.

Then one of my reps told me about the Whiter Image ToGO Teeth Whitening Pen. He said they work great for even sensitive teeth. I nod politely. But, what if it really works, I think to myself. And it IS in a pen form. How cool is that? Just brush it on, smile for 45 seconds, spit, then off ya go. Very simple.

I also did a bit of research and Crest Strips are 3% hydrogen peroxide and this pen is 9%.

• Triple-Action Accelerator Gel for your quickest, whitest smile.
• Refreshing mint flavored gel with hydrators and desensitizers designed for sensitive teeth
• Convenient brush-on system in a sleek aluminum casing for use anywhere, anytime
• Includes 4.5 ml of our proprietary 9% stabilized hydrogen peroxide gel with 60+ applications
• Gel dries quickly to ensure maximum coverage
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