Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eyelash/brow Crack

Ok, we need to'll write, you read.

Last night when I was havin' my hair done, I was chatting with my girl Miranda and I just had to interrupt her - I do that a lot. Interrupt. I'm too old to change.

"What kind of lash extension are you wearing, they're FANTASTIC!" I exclaim.
"They're not extensions." she replies.

"Wow, your eyes never looked like that before. Gorgeous." "New mascara?" I inquire.
"Nope, it's the LiLash." she answers.

Stop the presses! I could barely contain my excitement. I have been reading a lot about eyelash/brow stimulator's as of late and this brand keeps popping up in my research.
It's a sign.

Seriously, Miranda's lashes are practically touching her eyebrows!
I have even read stories of people having to trim their eyelashes. What?! Hey, maybe just lay off the sauce and you'll calm the crazy down. Ya think? Oy!
Miranda says she doesn't use it everyday anymore for that very reason - She's down to about 2 x week. She also has been using the LiLash for several months, but she did tell me that after two weeks, she could see a difference in her lashes - They looked fuller.

LiLash comes in what looks like a liquid eyeliner/mascara tube.
Before bed you simply paint the clear liquid on the flesh near where your lashes begin to grow from your eye. It's that simple.
One tube is supposed to last about 6 months, but Miranda felt like it was losing its strength at about 5 months.
Metics also makes a product called LiBrow. I don't know anyone, personally, that is using this product, but again, this brand keeps popping up in my research with very positive results.

Also, there is a pretty good rumor that a haircare line may be coming out soon. I'll keep you posted. If this can do for hair what it is doing for lashes, I'll say goodbye to Nioxin.

Needless to say, I went right out and picked up this eyelash/brow crack. You're gonna love it!

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