Monday, May 25, 2009

Tinted Conditioner

I used to be a huge fan of Aveda's colored conditioners, up until Horst left the helm. (we Austrian's must stick together!)
:o) Really, Aveda is NOT the same company - get over it people.

Anyhoo, after I was done with Aveda, I tried a lot of different tinted conditioners. So many just didn't have the pigment to make a difference.
I then found Matrix Biolage Earth Tones colored conditioners.
The Matrix people would no longer sell to me once I left the salon/spa because I am a boutique and no longer a salon (long story).
I've been looking for new colored conditioners since. Two and half years, to be exact.

Now, I have found Ted Gibson's Glimmering Gold, Captivating Copper and Brazen Brown colored conditioners. Yippy!
Colored conditioners are becoming quite popular now that folks are stretching out their color appointments, to save a bit of money.
They don't cover the roots, but they sure help that color last longer. So, just use some creative hairstyling to cover those roots and no one will be the wiser.

While I was researching Ted Gibson, I also found that they have a GREAT aerosol hairspray - no lectures on aerosol hairsprays, I know ALL about how bad they are.
I've made LOTS of changes to be more "green". I can have one bad vice....ok, I have a few.
Shut it.

Then I got a tip from Allison Kaplan of AliShops - Anne Hathaway uses Ted Gibson's Hair Sheets.
Since I was already doing the research why not check them out....those Hair Sheets kick ass!
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