Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rare Elements

I need a break from all of the Kinky Curly crazy. Seriously, it's making me mental. I can't keep up with the demand and I need a breather.
At least until it arrives this week and I begin processing all of the backorders.

Leave it to an exciting new line for me to talk about.
Enter....Rare Elements.
This luxe line hails from Beverly Hills though its ingredient list is International.

What caught my attention with this brand? I was curious about a haircare line that contains ingredients that I had never heard of. Not ingredients that scientifically are just pseudonyms for petroleum sludge, but exotic plant names like, Kalahari, Marula and Black Seed (IN products all contain Black Seed [cumin] oil) are used in their Pure Shampoo.

I'm also drawn to haircare brands that are designed, owned and researched by hairdressers - Who better to know how a haircare line should perform, right?

Truly great lines are now saponifying shea, olive, coconut oils without the use of sufates - It's about time.
Rare Elements continues the trend.

El' Treatment contains Camelina, Baobob and Meadowfoam, three plant ingredients that I hadn't heard of. Though, I am aware of the benefits of Borage, Avocado and Shea butters and these luscious oils are also blended into this amazing serum.

Their Essential Conditioner contains these unique oils: Cupuacu Butter, Phulwara and Abyssinian.

Of course, Rare elements is sulfate free and uses no synthetic silicones or parabens.
The fragrance is all natural and this brand is fantastic for color preserving and shine enhancing.

Without all of the bad stuff, it is amazing how long you can go without shampooing your hair.....rinse whenever you like, but see how long you can go between shampoos.
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