Wednesday, May 6, 2009


A couple of months ago, I decided to grown my brows out completely so that I could have them reshaped into the new, fuller style.
That was very hard to do!
I was feeling like I had Susan Boyle brows. Seriously, if she were to shape those crazy's, that would do wonders for her. Who knows, maybe someone has taken care of that, I don't know.

I have always had my brows colored whenever I would get my hair done. Brow color fades the quickest and since I have been blonde (I'm a brunette right now) most of the time, I always liked having darker eyebrows - It just makes your eyes "pop".

For years I used MaryKay brown waterproof mascara to groom/color them in between dye jobs. Several years ago they discontinued it and after buying up every tube I could get my hot little hands on, I am pretty much out. This got me to research brow grooming products, and there are a LOT of them out there.
Fleur's makes an eyebrow pencil but I never really loved it - I found the pencil portion just too dry though I really love the "brush" end of the pencil. So, I've been on a quest.
Ideally, I would have liked to find another "mascara" that would do the trick, but I just haven't found it.
I did find some Palladio brow pencils (in different colors) that I love, and a clear grooming gel and all are just $6 a piece!
Oh, happy day!
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