Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Brazilians in New Jersey

As you probably have heard New Jersey is looking to ban Brazilian bikini waxing.
I guess there are a couple of women who have gotten pretty bad infections.

I was watching Chelsey Lately (love Chelsey Handler!)the other night and she said something to the effect that it "wasn't the wax that gave the women the infection . " (wink, wink)

Though that may be true, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.
I've been doing bikini and Brazilian waxing for about 12 years - no, I am not taking any new clients. And the biggest faux pas in waxing is double-dipping the waxing spatulas. I have spoken out about this a million times and I am CERTAIN this is the issue here.
DO NOT go to anyone who reuses their waxing sticks. I don't mean reusing their waxing sticks on different clients, but reusing each of the waxing sticks during your visit.
Think about it - you wouldn't appreciate it if someone double dipped their chip or a carrot stick in the dip while you were at a party, right? So, why would you tolerate your waxing professional using wax that has been double-dipped with sticks from a previous client.
That "dip" has had another persons germy "carrot" in it!

How do you know your waxing professional is double-dipping? Watch him/her. Also, watch to see how many waxing sticks they have placed onto the tray next to the waxing kit. If there aren't a bunch of them and only one or two, she/he is double dippin'. Run for the hills. Your fine china needs much more respect than that!

Just as with pedicures, you should to go to a reputable salon/spa. This usually means paying more. Your health is worth it, right?

Problem solved.
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