Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Equavie Exfoliant

Finally, an excellent ORGANIC exfoliant!

Whatever organic skincare line you are using, this is a lovely addition.
Works beautifully with the INtelligent Nutrients skincare line.

Certified organic by ECOCERT.

Ingredients :
Buriti oil: this oil is derived from the fruit of the tropical Buriti palm tree. Rich in carotenoids (betacarotene), it is an excellent antioxidant and revives the radiance of the complexion. Also rich in fatty acids, it leaves the skin soft and supple.
Kaolin: this gentle clay has purifying and detoxifying properties. It is also an excellent cellular
renovator due to its micro-exfoliating and remineralizing effect.
Enzymatic exfoliant:
Papain: derived from papaya, the ultimate tropical fruit, papain is an enzyme with proteolytic
action, i.e. it digests proteins. It thus gently eliminates dead cells and impurities. The complexion is even and radiant.
Mechanical exfoliants:
Silica powder: hard and transparent mineral particles that provide effective exfoliation.
Jojoba wax microbeads: these entirely natural microbeads are formed from the oil extracted from the seeds of the plant. They provide gentle and effective exfoliation.

On normal skin, apply a thin layer to cleansed face and neck. Exfoliate with circular movements, then rinse. For more intense exfoliation, apply a medium layer and leave on for 5 minutes. Dampen fingers, then exfoliate with circular movements. Rinse.
On sensitive skin, apply a medium layer to cleansed face. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse. Avoid the eye area.
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