Thursday, March 12, 2009

The United States Postal Service

Seriously, WHAT is going on with the Postal Service?!

Aren't they one of the GIANTS that is having financial difficulty?
They want another day off (fine with me) and stamps are going up again soon (again, fine with me). Do whatever you need to make your company viable.
But, how about you work on your CUSTOMER SERVICE, USPS?! Do you think that has ANYTHING to do with your problem?
Trust me, the second major problem in business, right next to corporate brass that is robbing corporate America dry, is subpar customer service.

I have been in the e-commerce business for about 8 years. I use the USPS to keep shipping costs down for myself and my customers. Occasionally, I use UPS and FedEx, when my clients request them.
I really wish UPS and FedEx would be more economical for small businesses as I would use them for everything. I just love them. I know, it should be just that simple.

I do not want my postal carrier to tell me, "Just junk mail today." or "Just bills today".
WHAT!?! I don't want you paying such close attention to my mail, it's creepy.
And, I don't want to know what is going on with every business and resident in my neighborhood.
I'm a hairdresser, that is the job of my clients to fill me in on all of the gossip. They pay good money for that right. Don't rain on their parade.

This morning I went to the Eagan post office (not my usual post office, but I was in that neighborhood). The parcels (I like the word 'parcel', today) I was mailing were going overseas, so a customs form is filled out and the contents of the parcel must be listed on the form.
I listed "facial moisturizer" as the contents of one of the boxes.
I kid you not, she asked me if it was Mary Kay moisturizer!? Ummmm no - MK did make a great water-proof brown mascara that I used as a brow grooming product, but they don't make it anymore. Pity.

I just stood there and looked at her and wondered if all of the postal workers that have gone "postal" over the years were really the employees of the USPS or customers, such as myself.

One last thing USPS, I have a parcel that I mailed on the 23rd of February. It is now March 12th and it still has not arrived in Atlanta and Natasha is pissed.
I paid for your Track and Confirm service. How about you TRACK my package and tell me and Nathasha, who has not received it, where it is? Please, I beg you.

Customer Service. It's simple. Some businesses have it. All THINK they have it.
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