Saturday, March 7, 2009

Himalayan Bath Bar

This is a curious product, the Himalayan Salt Bar.

It's very similar to that rock salt deodorant that you can buy at many stores, but these have been refined into a smooth bar, to be used in the bath/shower.

There is a lot of research that states that our blood and the sea have a lot of similarities - not sure how that is relevant to what I am posting, but I thought you may want to know.

Maybe it is a chemical reaction of some sort, thus the reason for it neutralizing body odor in some people? Let's move on.

Many tout this bar for use on the face and to use all over the body as an exfoliant. You could use it on your face, but it may be a bit harsh for some/most. It would certainly help remedy facial acne. But again, it may be a bit harsh, so be careful. Be certain to use a moisturizer when you are finished, if you are going to use on your face. Also, it may not be for everyday use.

Why do I think this bar is pretty special?

It works really well on back, shoulder and chest acne. It certainly isn't a cure-all, you need to address what is causing the acne in the first place, but in the meantime, this magical little bar will certainly help.

I would use it with a body brush. Body brush first, then use the bar. There may be some stinging since it is salt.

Your skin will be very soft afterward, much like after swimming in the ocean.
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