Monday, February 16, 2009

Phytoceane Homme

Because men's skin deserves special care, Phytoceane has expanded its range to include a line of skincare specifically for men.

Because I carry the Phytomer Homme collection (Phytomer and Phytoceane are sister companies) I will be discontinuing the Phytomer products that I find to be conflicting with Phytoceane. That will only be a couple of products as Phytomer Homme is a larger line than Phytoceane Homme.

Phytoceane uses a vegetal sea coral extract called Jania Rubens in all of its products.

I find the Jania Rubens to be very hydrating thus beneficial to skin.

Using their expert knowledge of the marine world, Phytoceane researchers have formulated each product of the men's collection with the above mentioned blue micro-algae; these ingredients are renowned for their protective, moisturizing, remineralizing and smoothing properties. This exclusive cocktail is combined with unique natural ingredients that meet the special needs of each skin type.

Easy to use skin care, with immediate results.
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