Sunday, February 22, 2009

IN Total Body Cleanser

The INtelligent Nutrients Total Body Cleanser may be used as both a shampoo or body wash.

Let me tell you about the shampoo aspect of this product.

Like I have stated in other blog entries, to use this as a shampoo, you have to be open to new experiences as there isn't a lot of suds action going on with this product - creamy goodness, yes - suds, no.
I like the thick, dirty hair feel this shampoo gives me. Even though I have a lot of color in my hair, I like my hair to have that "dirty" feel. My hair was also very shiny and soft.

Now, what do I love about this product? Seriously, if you have any body skin issues, you need to get your hands on this product.
If your skin is dry, itchy, has dry bumpy patches, eczema, psoriasis, etc., it can't hurt to try it.
You know you have tried everything, so why not give this a whirl? It is good for you. That 5-seed oil blend, INtellimune, is very evident in this body wash/shampoo.

Your skin will feel very different - good different - get used to it.
The first time you use this body wash you may still be wondering, "am I clean?"
We are just not conditioned to a body wash that doesn't give us a lot of lather.

Maybe I should talk about this with my friend who clears up their eczema laden skin by peeing on it.....hey, it works.
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