Thursday, February 12, 2009

DIY Waxing?


I can hardly stand it when I have to wax myself. A masochist, I am not. Even I, someone who has spent her professional adult life waxing others, sometimes can't get in to have it done .
I like the Moujan brand if you are going the do-it-yourself route.

My favorite brand, and one you should seek out when going to the salon/spa for waxing, is Nufree. There is not a better wax.
If it ever becomes available for retail sale, I'll have it here.

Below are a few tips for DIY waxing.
Ladies, when waxing the face, simply wash your face with warm water. Do not use any soaps or other cleansing products. Your natural oils are the perfect barrier between you and the wax.
Most of us, at one time or another, have had a little more than hair removed when we have had our brows done. Many times that is from the skin being cleansed too thoroughly before waxing and the wax actually adhering to the skin . Thus, a slight scab may develop.
Afterward, keep your hands off of your skin!
You know the little pimples that tend to be common after waxing? That's caused from touching your freshly waxed and exfoliated skin with the dirtiest part of your body - your hands.
I know you want to touch it because it is oh so soft and smooth, but don't.

If you are using any doctor prescribed acne medication, I do not recommend facial waxing - Whether it is topical or oral medication.
Acne medication rapidly exfoliates the skin, so many problems may arise from waxing.
I'd wait a good week, before or after a facial peel as well.

Each of the Moujan kits come with a soothing agent to use after waxing. Apply it with a cotton swab and just let your skin relax.
We recommend a shower or bath before body waxing. Ideally, you will exfoliate as well. We love body brushing beforehand.
Thoroughly dry your skin, then apply wax or wax strips.
Even though you can use the Moujan wax cold, we like to warm it up. We think this is more effective, especially with coarser hair.

This wax is water soluble, just in case you drip any of the wax on anything.
When using the body strips, you can use them more than once. So keep using them until they are no longer removing hair.
Follow with the calming serum included in your purchase.

Yes, that is a man in the photo. Men want to be smooth too.
Ahhh, fond memories, waxing men. They don't always do well. :o)~
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