Monday, January 19, 2009

Electronics & Beauty

What does an entry on electronics have to do with a beauty blog? Plenty.

I had some electronics installed this past weekend and when the installer was finished, I was given a little bottle of LED screen cleaner.

I was told to not use any other household cleaners on the screen.

I'm not the type of person that gets told something, without questioning it. So I did.

"What is wrong with household cleaners?." I ask.

"The chemicals are too strong." I'm told.

Though that makes sense to me, I'm a curious girl and I simply must investigate. So, I read the label.

Free of alcohol - I understand that.

Free of ammonia - I understand that.

Free of sodium laurel and sulfates - Ah Ha! The reason for this blog post!

Anyone who reads this blog knows that sodium laurel/laureth sulfates have been written about, plenty.
They are surfactants that give soaps and shampoo their suds and they're controversial. Please, do the research.

My point?

LED screens are made of plastic/glass and I was told not to use sulfates to clean them? Ok, I get it.
But, it IS ok for sulfates to be a common ingredient in 99% of the shampoo and body cleansers we use on our body/skin every day?!

Well, it's not ok with me.
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