Thursday, December 18, 2008


We do a lot of shipping here at StormSister Spatique. Though store sales are creeping up on our online sales, online sales are still in the lead.
European sales have increased about 10% this past year. I'm certain it has everything to do with the dollar/Euro ratio. Hey, yay! for us.

We continue to improve our "greenness" here, as well. If you purchase from our online store, you know that you don't always get the prettiest box or the prettiest packing materials - we reuse all of the boxes and packing materials that our products are shipped to us in. So, they aren't always pretty, but all of the goodies inside certainly are!

Most of our packaging popcorn is now the recyclable kind that is made out of corn. My son Bailey says they taste like puffed popcorn, but without the salt.
OK, I've tried them too, and he's right.
We are not advocating that you try them, of course. I simply have an odd curiosity to taste things that aren't always intended to be edible. No, I have not discussed that with my therapist.

Anyhoo, we only have one vendor remaining that is shipping with the old foam popcorn/peanuts but we're putting the heat on them to make the switch. Everyone else is on the eco-friendly path with their packaging.

This just in!
Just as I was ready to post this blog entry, I got an email from the last vendor to make the switch to biodegradable packing peanuts. All I have to do now is request them when I place my orders. Bravo!

We ship everywhere, by the way.
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