Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hair Brushes

It's no secret that I LOVE Olivia Garden hair brushes. I used them my entire career as a hairdresser and now I sell them in my Spatique.

How excited was I when my favorite brush company went "green" and made a fantastic brush even better by designing them with bamboo handles? Brilliant!

Did you know that bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world? Yes siree, tis.
The bamboo handled brushes still have the same ceramic ionic properties, they just have the addition of that lovely eco-friendly handle.
Ceramic ionic technology helps hair dry faster. Once ceramic is heated the temperature stays constant and even compared to metal or plastic and the "ionic" portion of the brushes has something to do with negative ions and static and some other scientific mumbo jumbo.
Hey, I'm just a girl who knows this stuff works. Don't ask me the science around it.

Hair dries faster and is softer and smoother, that I can tell ya.

I remember when one of my product reps came in several years ago and wanted me to try this new technology. It started with blow dryers and I was very skeptical. She left me with the dryer and I used it on my next client. Her hair dried in half the time and her hair was so smooth and soft! I was wondering about the whole "power of suggestion" sales technique, but then the client commented on how quickly her hair dried and I hadn't even told her! Sold!

So, needless to say, after that experiment, if it was "ceramic and ionic" I used it. Whether a blow dryer, hair brush, you name it.
Let's review. Bamboo, good. Ceramic Ionic, good. Olivia Garden hair brushes? The best!
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