Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Panpuri Solitude Body Balm

Solitude Body Balm

Apply generously all over body at least 15 minutes before going into the sun and re‐apply every couple of hours if staying in the sun for a long period. Re‐application after swimming is recommended. Application under clothing is recommended as UVA rays can penetrate clothing.

Key Product Knowledge
Monoi de Tahiti Butter – Hydrates and protects, Aloe – Soothes, heals and moisturizes, Chamomile – Calms and relaxes, Lemongrass – Awakens and heals
Monoi de Tahiti is a traditional, natural product originating from Tahiti and is made by soaking Gardenia Taitensis blossoms (Tiare flowers) in rich, purified coconut oil. Authentic Monoï de Tahiti is made by soaking approximately ten ʺtiaréʺ (Gardenia Taitensis) blossoms in one litre of refined coconut oil that has been purified by filtration. Gardenia Taitensis – renowned for its potent fragrance and remarkable cosmetic properties – is indigenous to Tahiti and not found anywhere else. The coconut oil is extracted from ripe coconut kernels grown in the mineral‐rich volcanic coral soil of French Polynesia.
Hydrolyzed soy protein helps to improve skin elasticity.
Hydrolyzed milk protein is rich in essential amino acids that moisturize and condition the skin.
Hydrolyzed wheat protein provides moisture, making skin feel soft and smooth.
Chamomile has softening and soothing as well as healing, toning, antioxidant, anti‐irritant and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains azulene which helps to reduce puffiness and cleanse pores of impurities.
Lemongrass improves circulation. It revitalizes the body, relieves some of the symptoms of jet lag, clears headaches and helps with nervous exhaustion and stress‐related conditions. It also helps tone the muscles and slack tissue, relieves muscle pains and helps with poor circulation. It also has insect repellent properties. Lemongrass oil assists in clearing up oily skin and acne; helps with athleteʹs foot and excessive perspiration.
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