Monday, October 6, 2008

Dinner Conversation

Oh, the conversations girls have over dinner.

Last night was MDC and my recent "pee blog" was discussed - I knew this blog entry was going to generate a lot of discussion. Discussion is good.

One of the dinner club gang - I will omit her name, to protect the innocent (though she is NOT innocent in any way. - Love you, mean it!) Anyhoo, she claimed that several years ago she had a plantar wart on the bottom of her foot. She had heard that if you pee on it, that clears it up. No acrobatics necessar. Just pee while in the shower and stand in it.
She did this for quite a while and she swears it completely disappeared and I believe it.
I wish I had a wart (not really) or eczema (not really) that I could try this 'natural remedy' out on. I am very fascinated.
Am I freaking anyone out yet? I'm the mother of 2 boys, so this is just 'tea conversation' for me.

I'm sorry if my blog postings as of late are disturbing anyone (hike up your skirt).
I'll keep you posted on helpful feedback I get on this subject.
On a side note. The first IN haircare shipment goes out today. Several shipments will go out over the next few days. I will post which products, on my site, as they arrive. Or, feel free to give me a jingle. I know that many of you are as excited as I am and can hardly wait. Yippee!
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